Drew Hastings

More background on performers at the d.w. eye Reunion Show!
What don’t you already know about Drew Hastings?!  You know he’s a hugely popular comedian, storyteller, Mayor, and farmer – they love him at agricultural events – he can do comedy and drive a  tractor!

But did you know he got his start in comedy way back in 1980 at the eye?

From Plrknib:

Drew was far and away the tallest, best dressed, best coiffed comic at the eye. (Likely, he was the best dressed, best coiffed anyone at the eye.)  With wavy, blown-back 70’s hair, a full mustache – styled, not barbered – and well-tailored, faux-Armani suits, Drew had the elegance of a man fresh off the dance floor without ever having broken a sweat.

Drew will be appearing in the d.w. eye Reunion Show Friday June 23 at the 20th Century Theater in Cincinnati.


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