Michael Flannery

Maybe you grew up with him on the Channel 19 Kids Club? Or maybe he was your TV anchor on WCPO-TV in the ’90s! But Michael Flannery got his start at a little known hole-in-the wall comedy club named d.w.eye!  And now, he’s one of the original comics featured at the d.w. eye reunion on Friday, June 23! WOW!


1981: Stand Up Comics at d.w. eye

On Saturday nights, the pros invade the d.w. eye spotlight and the occasional hearty chuckle is supplanted by the outright belly laugh…  The quality of Saturday nights at d.w. eye proves that there are a plethora of anonymous looney tooners out in the Midwestern Hinterlands.

Here’s the full April, 1981 Cincinnati Magazine article by Britt Robson that first introduced d.w. eye to the public.  The eye was doing well before this article was published.  After the issue came out, the club exploded.

Read the full article here.  Even the ads are cool.

Here’s the cover.  Baseball season, 1981!

And don’t forget to get your tickets to the d.w. eye reunion, June 23rd at the 20th Century Theatre!


All material © Cincinnati Magazine, Britt Robson